Vivid Audio V1s Bookshelf Loudspeakers

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Vivid Audio V1s Bookshelf Loudspeakers


Ideal as a desktop monitor the V1s features a built-in base moulded in solid resin for stability.


While being two-way systems the V1 range of loudspeakers maintain the Vivid philosophy of pistonic operation throughout the frequency spectrum.

While similar in design, the V1 family includes 4 models in different sizes, each focused towards a specific purpose. The V1 range is available in two sizes, the smaller V1w, V1h and V1s are best suited to mounting near to boundaries such as a wall or desktop while the larger V1.5 pedestal mount will sit quite happily well away from the walls.

Ideal as a desktop monitor the V1s features a built-in base moulded in solid resin for stability.

The Vivid Audio OVAL range effortlessly delivers superb sound, free from distortions and reflections typically found in traditional speakers. From large floor standing speakers, a centre channel application or even the smaller V1 range of speakers, the OVAL range has a speaker for every application.

The OVAL series currently includes the mid-sized B1 and large K1 floor standing speakers. The C1 model is a dedicated centre speaker for high end home theatre applications and lastly the different V1 variations - V1.5, V1s, V1h and V1w. The speakers in the OVAL product range all share the same groundbreaking technology, custom made drivers and carbon fibre loaded polyester compound for the enclosures.

The loudspeakers are shipped as pairs and are available in two standard colours Pearl White & Piano Black. Please specify on your order.

Custom colours can be specified at an additional cost. Please contact to arrange this.

Please note the lead time is approximately 6 weeks as everything is built to a specific order.

Please contact for delivery details and costs.

V1 Specifications


Configuration: 2 way vented cabinet

HF: D26 26mm metal dome unit with Tapered Tube loading

LF: C125 158mm metal coned unit

Cabinet material: Complex loaded carbon fibre filled polymer

Sensitivity: 89dB @ 2.83Vrms and 1.0 meter on axis

Nominal Impedance (Ohm): 8

Frequency range: - 6dB points 42 – 33’000 Hz

Frequency response: 47 – 30’000 Hz +/- 2dB on reference axis

Harmonic distortion (2nd and 3rd):  
Cross over frequency (Hz): 3000

Power handling (music program) watts rms: 150

Loudspeaker dimensions (H, W, D) mm: 635, 255, 195

Net weight (kg): V1s = 17, V1w = 13, V1h = 15

Shipping dimensions (H, W, D) mm: 710, 700, 360 (pair),
710, 374, 360 (unit)

Shipping mass (kg): V1s = 47 (pair), V1w = 39 (pair), V1h = 22 (unit)