'Queen Bess' acorn and oak leaf in 18ct yellow gold by Wrightson & Platt

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'Queen Bess' acorn and oak leaf in 18ct yellow gold by Wrightson & Platt


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From little acorns, mighty oaks do grow – a metaphor that sums up the transition from childhood to adulthood. We all love this idea of the little acorn representing huge potential, which is why we often use it as a symbol of babyhood.

There are many legends about oak trees too, one story that we at W&P particularly love is the legend of Queen Elizabeth 1st. 'Queen Bess' is reported to have rested under an oak tree at One Tree Hill a place which is still a small remnant of ancient woodland, just half a mile from our London studio.

We used fallen oak leaves and acorns from this very site and made them directly into silver and gold  jewellery, our 'Queen Bess' collection. So here you will see the gorgeous treasures we have created from a tiny acorn and the intricate delicacy of an oak leaf, all transformed into breathtakingly detailed pieces of jewellery. A pair of oak leaf earrings, a ring, acorn and oak leaf pendants; we have an endless array of beautifully life cast items which come together to create our collection of 'Queen Bess' jewellery. Timeless pieces which will forever be precious and forever tell a tale of a Queen and an oak tree. Naturally detailed and perfectly finished they truly are a little piece of England.

Wrightson & Platt is a small British Company with a big reputation. Known internationally as a luxury brand with a unique offering, Wrightson & Platt craft breathtakingly detailed sculpture and jewellery using a technique called lifecasting. Our inspiration is the natural world; be it human, animal or botanical and everything that we make captures a moment for all time. All the collections are classic and timeless and every piece comes with a story. They are literal touchstones to the memory and mythology contained within everything that we choose to honour. Everything is made in Britain by British craftsmen and we are proud that it is so. Welcome to our world.