Cool Hooves Polo - Private Lessons

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Cool Hooves Polo - Private Lessons


You will be on a polo pony for a full hour with a private instructor.


You will be on a polo pony for a full hour with a private instructor. In the lesson you will be coached on how to work with your pony in walk, trot and canter and learn the basic polo swing techniques. During this time you will start to see what you will need to work on at length in future lessons.

There are three skills needed to playing polo…
1. The ability to ride a horse
2. The ability to hit a ball
3. The ability to know what to do and where to go
Getting Started
We offer several options for the individual, which means we can provide you with the right type of coaching that suits every level and ability – from a complete beginner to a professional player.
All initial coaching takes place in an all weather-enclosed arena until you are able to progress onto grass. Our ‘safety first’ polo ponies help make learning to play easy and ensure a fun introduction to the sport. Cool Hooves provides all the equipment needed to get started.
Instructional Chukkas
When you are ready, as well as continuing lessons we run slow-controlled instructional chukkas to help you learn to play competitive polo. Join other beginners under the watchful eye of our coaches who will continue to instruct you throughout.
Instructional chukkas are either played in the arena or on a 2/3rds size grass pitch, which allows all to experience the excitement of playing the game whilst developing their polo skills in a fun and safe environment.
Novice chukkas
A more advanced chukka which allows you to learn more about positional plays and tactics as well as playing at a faster pace all in preparation for the next step – Club polo. An instructor will still be on hand to offer tuition throughout.