Cetewayo Two Day Get Away Yacht Charter

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Cetewayo Two Day Get Away Yacht Charter


Cetewayo, named after the Zulu king, is a yacht of exceptional pedigree.


Cetewayo, named after the Zulu king, is a yacht of exceptional pedigree. Since 2001 Cetewayo has been chartered regularly and predominantly in classic events, including every British Classic Yacht Club Regatta, with some spectacular results.

A special charter where a couple can experience the freedom of sailing and living onboard a classic yacht. The duration of the cruise can be extended at request. Fully catered.
The itinerary is flexible and can be tailored to your individual requirements, though a typical day often follows this pattern:
10:00 Meet onboard your yacht for breakfast
10:15 Briefing of the day and safety procedures 
10:30 Depart and sail around the Solent
13:00 Anchor/moor in a marina and enjoy lunch
14:30 Weigh anchor/depart the marina and sail back along the Solent towards the River Hamble
17:00 Return to mooring, guests depart
All specialised sailing equipment is supplied, including all wet weather clothing and safety equipment that may be needed.
Guests may wish to bring a swimming costume and a towel. However, warm clothing is imperative even if the forecast is for fine weather.
No black or leather soled shoes, preferably only deck shoes (bring a spare pair for the end of the day).
Warm jumper and jacket.
Sun block.
Sunglasses and a hat.
Cetewayo is sailed by an expert crew, but we encourage participation from guests, depending on their enthusiasm!
Where the charter is for more than one day, we can arrange to take guests on a more extensive tour, with overnight accommodation arranged ashore at boutique hotels if required.
No smoking is allowed at anytime whilst onboard.
All guests are responsible for their own medical and accident insurance.