Black and White Collectors Print-reflect 19990711-05

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Black and White Collectors Print-reflect 19990711-05


The Reflection Series is an experiment in both method and concept.

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The Reflection Series is an experiment in both method and concept. Using the idea that moving water and a long exposure yield a cumulative image, I point the camera at a water surface in direct opposition to the sun. While standing in the water, I discover patterns of reflected sunlight, which are disturbed by currents and underlying objects. Exposure times vary from minutes to hours and by using a red filter over the pinhole, the reflection is distinguished from the water as an abstract shape on an opaque background. These photographs, however, are not mere abstractions because their origins are entirely organic. After the exposure, the negative is solarised during development. This is entirely an analog process, no Photoshop was used in any of these photographs. I consider the exposure itself to be a performance using a single sheet of film.

The prints for each image are made on either silver chlorobromide baryta fibre based paper or photo sensitised linen using a lithographic developer which yields its unique colour and granularity due to the fibres of the paper being revealed in the surface image itself.
30x40cm (12x16") Edition of 20.
About Robert Mann:
In 1989, with an international reputation in photography and photographic printing, Robert moved to Paris France where he now resides. Robert has published several photographic processes and his darkroom is on the cover of the renowned book “The New Darkroom Handbook” and featured inside. He currently uses pinhole cameras exclusively to achieve his ethereal images and continues to print privately for a select group of photographers while producing his own works for gallery and museum exhibitions.
Recently Robert has been working with Brad Pitt, first producing his story of Angelina Jolie for W Magazine and continues printing Pitt's massive archive of negatives. Pitt has thus become a collector of Mann’s work purchasing eleven prints from the “Orbit Series” and “Flower Series”.