Bespoke Organic Luxury Mattress from Abaca

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Bespoke Organic Luxury Mattress from Abaca


An Italian style mattress made with a luxurious filling of organic wool and silk.

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An Italian style mattress made with a luxurious filling of organic wool and silk.


This type of mattress would have been common all over Europe at one time, but the increased use of manmade materials means that in recent years it’ s only been the discerning Italians who have retained the traditional skills necessary to produce them.


Masses of washed and carded long staple wool is mixed with the softest of silks then carefully hand layered inside an organic cotton cover. A sturdy edge is created by hand stitching, and hand tufting ensures that the wool remains in place.


These mattresses are cool in the summer and warm in winter. They are widely made and used in Italy where the sun shines a little more than it does here in the UK! The skill required to make wool mattresses has been handed down through generations, and we are very proud of the team who now produce them in our Welsh workshop.


Uniquely in the UK we are offering a service which means that your new Italian style mattress can last a lifetime. After you’ve had your mattress for five years you may contact us to collect your mattress and bring it back to our factory in Wales. The fibre will be removed, cleaned, re-carded and if necessary more will be added; the mattress will be re-made and returned to you within seven days. This service will cost 20% of the original purchase price.


An under mattress pad which ensures your mattress is perfectly supported is supplied with each order.


Certified as organic by the Soil Association.


This mattress can be made to any size, please contact for a quote.


Prices for standard sizes:

3’x 6’3 £3,250
4’6 x 6’3 £4,700
5’ x 6’6 £5,900
6’ x 6’6 £7,100