World View Space Balloon Trip

“Majestic views of our planet, slowly expanding below, are certain to captivate you, as you ascend to the edge of space. “ World View

World View are proposing to offer passenger flights in a balloon to the outer edges of the atmosphere, or 30 km up, starting in 2016. The official boundary for space flight is 100 km, but you would still get the astronauts view of the world hanging in the void with the stars in the background.
The price tag is $75000 (£47,000) which is a little cheaper than XCOR Lynx craft which will set you back $95,000 and quite a bit cheaper than Virgin which costs $250,000. Though both these trips make you an official astronaut and you do pass the 100 km boundary.

World View is run by leading names in the Aerospace industry, Jane Poynter, Taber MacCallum, Dr Alan Stern and Grant Anderson.

Other companies such as Zero2infinity are also offering passenger balloon flights into the upper reaches of our globe. The next decade promises to be very exciting for all those that dreamt of exploring where few have been before as so many new ventures head into space for tourism and other business opportunities.

World View