Top 10 Most Expensive Bicycles in the World

Damien Hirst “Butterfly” Trek Madone
Price: $500,000
- Designed by renowned British Artist Damien Hirst and ridden by Lance Armstrong during the 2009 Tour de France, the Butterfly Trek Madone bike was auctioned off at Sotheby’s, raising $1.3 million for the Texan’s Livestrong charity. The bike was sold for $500,000, which makes it the most expensive bike in the world.
Trek Yoshitomo Nara Speed Concept
Price: $200,000
- Again at a Sotheby’s auction another Trek bike called Trek Yoshitomo Nara Speed Concept was sold for $200,000. The carbon fiber Time Trial bike was embellished by Yoshitomo Nara with a cartoon motif of children in boxing gloves and flying UFOs, along with a Livestrong logo.
Kaws – Trek Madone
Price: $160,000
- The Kaws – Trek Madone was sold at auction for $160,000. The bike features KAWS’ signature “chomper” teeth pattern that has been applied on the bike frame and bike rims. It was designed to celebrate Lance’s participation in the 2009 Milan-San Remo race.
Aurumania Crystal Edition Gold Bike
Price: $101,400
- This limited edition Gold Bike Crystal Edition from Aurumania is exclusively handcrafted with every visable surface plated in 24-carat gold and adorned with more than 600 Swarovski crystals . The sadle and grips are made from the finest quality leather, and a leather badge on the front of the bike sports the limited-edition number. The Crystal Edition Gold Bike sells for 80,000 Euros.
Trek Madone 7-Diamond
Price: $75,000
- Auctioned off at the annual Lance Armstrong Foundation Gala in New York in 2005, the diamond-encrusted Trek Madone 5.9 SL went for $75,000. The bike had a Diamond 7 emblem set in a spoke pattern with sparkling diamonds. There was a Diamond 7 plaque in 14 carat white and yellow gold, which had seven one-carat yellow Gemesis diamonds.
Chrome Hearts x Cervelo Bike
Price: $60,000
- Designed in collaboration with one of the the world’s most prestigious bike manufacturers, Cervélo, this bike boasts custom Chrome Hearts graphics, leather, precious metals and rhinestones. This limited edition Chrome Hearts x Cervelo Bike sells for a whopping $60,000.
Montante Luxury Gold Collection
Price: $46,000
- The Luxury Gold Collection women’s bike from Italian bike maker Montante comes with 24 carat gold leaf coating, python leather finish and 11,000 Swarovski stones. This exquisite bike is priced at $46,000.
Phanuel Krencker’s ‘Bicyclettes de Luxe’
Price: $34,425
- Luxurious products are the result of the work of the best craftsmen and artists, with what it implies of
humanity : personality and history of the founder, tailor made creations, unique and personal excellence of the manual work, extremely limited editions, and confidential distribution. Each bike is tailor made and personalised taking into account your style of riding. The paint will of course be customised by renowned artists which ensures the exclusive nature of each creation. As with all prestige products the Bicyclette de Luxe is made from the highest grade materials, with chrome and carbon fibre making the body and upholstry match together with finely wrought leather. Pricing for the Krencker’s Bicyclettes de Luxe is available on request, but is estimated to be worth around €25,000 ($34,425).
KGS ‘Tier 3’ custom bike
Price: $30,000
- Custom bicycles from KGS Bikes are exclusively for the most discerning cyclists. Kevin Saunders’ “Tier 3” custom bicycle priced at around $30,000. The one-of-the-kind custom bicycle comes etched with fine woodwork.
Beru Factor 001
Price: $27,750
- Factor is the offshoot of bf1systems, a leading engineering firm dedicated to working at the highest levels of engineering in some of the most prestigious arenas in the world, including Formula 1 racing. The Factor001 was their first foray into the cycling world and its unique take on the road racing bicycle was marvelled for its beauty and unparalleled sophistication.
This high-tech bike features a fully integrated, multi-channel ergonometric data recording system to track your athletic performance by collecting and analyzing laboratory-quality data in a real-world environment. The Factor 001 bike sells for £22,000 (US $33,400)
BMC Hublot Team Machine
Price: $19,500
- An upshot of a collaboration between BMC and Hublot, the BMC All Black Hublot Team Machine edition bicycle has pedal bearings containing ceramic material to reduce friction and the frame is made from carbon fibre. The watchmaker's association with the bike maker has given birth to the design of an exceptional racing bike, which like Hublot's watches is a jewel of technology and design composed of lightweight high-performance materials.
Produced in a limited run of 30 bikes, the All Black bike is priced at $19,500.


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