Organic Hand Crafted Mattresses

For nearly all of mankind’s history we have slept on natural materials, whether that be wool or straw, cotton or horsehair or even the hides of animals if we go back far enough!
The growth of oil based foams and polyesters in the 20th century saw a huge change in the way that mattresses are made. Cheaper materials were welcomed by an industry that perceived these materials as being ‘cleaner’, but one or two disastrous fires saw stringent fire proofing legislation put in place, and fire retardants became a part of the makeup of nearly all UK made mattresses.

Abaca believe that it’s really important that people sleep on materials that are natural and which don’t contain either chemical residues or fire retardants, and in today’s world that means organic. It’s just as important that your mattress be properly supportive of you, this means that the spring or latex pad in the middle of your mattress needs to be properly flat and commensurate with your weight.

There then needs to be enough layers of padding to ensure your comfort. Natural materials are breathable and so much kinder to your body, they ensure your temperature regulates itself naturally and have an inbuilt ‘recovery’ that ensures that your mattress will last for many years to come.

The bed that your mattress sits on is also a critical part of getting a good night’s sleep. It in its turn needs to be in good condition and able to support your mattress properly. Most people who share a bed in the UK have less room to sleep in than a baby has in a cot, and one of the biggest disruptors of sleep is having a bed which isn’t really large enough, so think big!

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