Manhole Covers Recharge Your Car

Good news for electric car owners in New York City, you will soon be able to charge your vehicle on the go.

Called ‘Hevo Power’, it is a wireless charging station that will be installed into manholes around NYC—charging your car when you park over them.

It was reported that the charging station can be “bolted to the street or embedded in the pavement”—transmitting energy through a receiver that will be connected to the car’s battery.

There is even a smartphone app that will notify the driver of the charge amount and help drivers line their vehicles up on the charger.

These manhole chargers are expected to be installed in New York City in early 2014 to charge Smart ForTwo electric vehicles used by New York University.

The next logical step is to have these plates placed alongside every pavement and in all car parks. Then electric cars will really come of age.

Wireless charging for all electric gadgets cannot come fast enough in our opinion. This is an excellent step forward.

Dear Boris, how about putting these all over London?