Five of the Best Digital Cameras

There is a lot of talk in various newspapers about the Best Digital Cameras, claiming that they are for good amateurs or professionals when they are in fact point and click cameras.

There is nothing wrong with point and click cameras. In fact the technology and processing software has developed so much in the last decade that you could shoot both magazine editorial and for fine art purposes on an automatic camera and no one would be the wiser.

Any decent point and click from a reputable manufacturer such as a Nikon that is above 12 MP is going to be good enough for anything but the most exacting medium, especially as most print quality is now having trouble keeping up with the resolution of the latest cameras.

However most of these lists do seem to be pushing the latest supported product and are not really the 5 best cameras. I will mention no names.

I have been a professional fashion and portrait photographer for 25 years and here is a list of the very best Digital Camera Systems in the world. For now.

The order is alphabetical as it is horses for courses and these are the best thoroughbreds in the world at this moment in time, though like everyone I have my preferences.

Canon EOS 5D Mark III

Hasselblad H4D-System

Leica S2 Digital Camera System 40 MP

Nikon D3X DSLR

Pentax 645D 40MP medium format DSLR

Now obviously there is a huge price leap between these cameras but get the best you can afford, luxury does have a price, you will pay more to get the very best, but if you shoot regularly the pleasure and quality are worth it.

Go to DP Review for more in depth information about these cameras and their performance.

If you are also looking for a film or video camera then I would advise checking out the Red Digital Camera System such as the Epic or the Scarlet.

This will be updated as new exciting luxury camera systems come on the market.