The First £60 3D Printer and Scanner

3D printing is set to revolutionise the way we design and create. If you are new to 3D, start reading up on it now. The way products and pretty much anything is made is about to change.

3D printers can essentially make anything that can be made out of resin and still perform its intended function.

It works in the same way that an inkjet printer does, dropping tiny particles of ink on the paper, only in 3D, using droplets of a resin like glue and building layer upon layer to form the full three dimensional shape.

It is already being used by designers for almost all household products, engineers to make gears, car parts, tools etc.

The Canadian Rylan Grayston has invented the first pocket printer selling at £60, well actually you need around £250 to get all the required working parts, but this shows how the price entry level is dropping before the 3D printer has even hit mainstream. It also means that anyone can get into this new field for very little outlay.

A larger one that can print something the size of a coffee cup can be found  for around £2000. Still very much cheaper than two years ago.

See the video here: