Computerised Beer Machine eXcellence

Can you wait two and a half hours for a beer? Well, maybe if you are making it yourself. Yes, now you can make a decent beer in under three hours with this new American made machine.

Two brothers Bill and Jim Mitchell and Avi Geiger in Washington have invented surely the most indispensable kitchen appliance of all time, the elaborately named PicoBrew Zymatic™, "The First Fully Automatic All-Grain Beer Brewing Appliance”.

All kitchens should come fitted with one. This magical appliance is reputed to automatically produce a very decent beer in record time. Just add the water, grain and hops!

"... produce a never-ending supply of absolutely top-notch beer, in any style and flavour you can imagine." According to the Seattle Times.

A computerised beer making machine for Christmas anyone? As long as this never happens to the wine industry. Reginald Perrin would have loved this one, we do. More creative excellence in the kitchen please.