Bond Bracelet

Are you having a long distance relationship or just miss someone whenever they aren’t there? Then Kwamecorp have come up with a gadget that will literally keep you in touch.

This new idea called Bond enables people wearing their bracelet to touch or “tickle” each other at a distance. You can touch your bracelet and it sends a signal to the paired bracelet which then relates that touch on. This can be a quick vibration or a longer five second “tickle”. It’s actually a rather sweet idea, a physical reminder that someone is thinking of you in this very digital world. "It's not about tweets, it's about tickles," says Kwamecorp.

A non verbal signal of affection, that does not require logging on to a phone or computer, but conveys support. Also like the padlocks on the Pont des Arts in Paris which came from a desire to demonstrate affection and display it. The bracelet will not only convey the sense of touch from a loved one but show off the bond. Does this come in ring form?

Kwamecorp is the digital company that came up with Fairphone and partnered with Lily Cole to produce they describe this as “ a modular revolution for you to wear. You touch it they feel. Anywhere on the planet”. Hyperbole aside this is a fun idea. You can also use an app to visualise the “tickles” you have been sharing. Why a nice looking girl could be tickled constantly with one of these.

They are full of ideas for adding LED lights,voice and camera modules, health modules, gaming and more, if you have any ideas, they would love to hear from you.

Kwamecorp are looking for funding, so if this grabs you or you think it will take off go here: