Top Ten Best Ways To Send Large Files Free

Looking for an alternative to Dropbox and want to send large files to friends and colleagues quickly, easily and most importantly for free? We all need to send large files every so often and sometimes to friends who are not so tech orientated.
Dropbox is fine, but limited to 2gb and once you reach that limit it can be difficult to clear the dropbox unless you pay to upgrade. Google drive lets you store up to 25gb for free which is really pretty good until you start sharing a lot of images and video. Sometimes you just need a quick and most importantly a simple way to send large files to people who are comfortable downloading a link but might struggle to install Dropbox or Google drive.
PCloud. Send large files up to 5gb for free
With pCloud Transfer you can send large files to anyone, no registration needed! Send or share big files up to 20 gb for free
This will transfer your files easily, safely and rapidly from one place to another. You can send them directly to an email address or share files using a unique link.
MailBigFile Free. Send large files up to 2gb for FREE
Send big files for free, using MailBigFile. Files up to 2gb. Pro Account up to 4gb.
DropSend. Send Large Files and Email Large Files
Share files and manage your storage right from your iOS or Android device. With DropSend Mobile App, you can upload files to your storage and send them, access your Inbox, review sent items and manage your account. Send large files, fast, easy &
An easy way to send large files, no registration required. Transfer big files up to 50gb for free to any email.
WeTransfer is a cloud-based file transfer service based in Amsterdam designed to send small and large files. WeTransfer users can send files up to 2gb in the free version
WeTransfer is another simple way to send your files around the world.
WeSendit is a safe and easy way to send large or small files, no registration required! Transfer big files up to 20gb for free to any email.
Transfer Now
Send up to 2gb absolutely free.
File Transfer: Send Large Files Quickly, Easily & Securely | Box › File transfer
With Box you can share your photos, videos, or any other big file with a single link.
SendTransfer. Send Large Files
Send large files through email, transfer big files up to 10gb for free. SendTransfer provides a simple way to send big files online.
PlusTransfer | Send Big Files
Transfer big files for free across town or to the other side of the world. Email large files with ease. Send large files via an easy online platform with no signing in.