Top Five Whiskies To Buy Now For Connoisseurs

A selection of fine whiskies from around the world to buy now. Most are not peaty whiskies (apart from the Lagavulin), but more akin to a fine cognac,  easy on the nose and palate, with a soft mellow flavour.
Ron Butlin , former Edinburgh Makar / Poet Laureate sums it up best with this beautiful poem.
Wring the Scottish rain clouds dry;
Take sleet, the driving snow, the hail;
Winter twilight; the summer's sun slowed down
to pearl-sheen dusk on hillsides, city-roofs,
on lochs at midnight.
And, most of all, take the years that have already run
to dust, the dust we spill behind us…
All this, distill. And cask. And wait.
The senselessness of human things resolves
to who we are – our present fate.
Let's taste, let's savour and enjoy.
Let's share once more.
Another glass for absent friends. Pour
until the bottle's done.
Here's life! Here's courage to go on!
Ron Butlin - from The Magicians of Edinburgh
The Irish Midleton whiskey Dair Ghaelach Bluebell Forest is magnificent, smooth caramel and soft vanilla with a hint of coffee and nutmeg. This is one of the finest whiskies in the world and well worth the hefty price tag. This is the one to impress any connoisseurs amongst your friends.
Suntory Hibiki 17 Years Old. This is silky-smooth and resembles the gentler, less peaty varieties of Scotch, tasting of oak and citrus fruit. Get this quick as it is being discontinued this year due to stock shortages and the value is rising quickly.
The Bruichladdich Classic unpeated single malt whisky is a triumph, distilled on Islay, conjured from barley and water from the area. Originally crafted by Jim McEwan, a Scottish gentleman whose charm and wit match his legendary talent for distilling.
Chivas Regal 18 Years Old is an indulgent fine blend tasting of orange, barley and spices, smooth and velvety. Superb value and always a welcome present for friends.
The Lagavulin  25 Years Old is for those who like a more peaty whisky, distilled on Islay, this bicentenary edition evokes exotic fruits, dates and figs with treacle and coffee. A smoky addition to your whisky cabinet.