Top 10 Reasons To Buy The Formex Essence Watch On Kickstarter

You’re looking to buy your first ‘proper’ watch, a timepiece that can take you from work to work-out, casual evening in to serious dinner date out; a watch that can do it all. Your first mechanical watch should be the Essence Automatic Chronometer from Formex Swiss Watches; and here’s why …
To be called a chronometer, a watch will have been subjected to a meticulous 15-day test carried out by the official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute. To ensure accuracy and precision each watch is tested in five positions and at three different temperatures and if they pass, a timepiece is certified as having an accuracy of -4/+6 seconds a day. It’s an incredibly tough process and only about 3% of Swiss watches made annually are COSC certified. So to achieve this indicates that a timepiece will have been made from the very best materials and components and will also have been assembled with the highest level of skill.
What Formex Swiss Watches and their Essence watch will give you:
COSC certification; this puts the Essence Automatic Chronometer on the same level as £5,000 watches from Rolex, Breitling and Omega but at a mere fraction of the price.
A high end watch made from the finest quality raw materials; 316L grade stainless steel, grade 2 titanium, carbon fibre composite, scratch resistant sapphire crystal and soft calf leather for the strap.
A fully decorated Sellita SW200-1 mechanical automatic movement that is notoriously reliable, self winding and you’ll never have to plug it in or change any batteries.
Their unique patented Case Suspension System that provides shock absorption to protect the watch movement and adapt to the wearer’s wrist movement. Inspired by the engineering and mechanics of high performance racing cars and bikes it adds something different to any collection.
A newly patented Carbon Fibre Composite Folding Clasp that allows for fine-adjustment of the strap length on the go, achieving a perfect fit on the wrist in all conditions and temperatures.
A watch to last a lifetime, tough enough to cross a desert, elegant enough to walk a red carpet. Formex Watches survive shocks and environments that would break others.
Not your usual Swiss Watch company as Formex like to do things differently. They are the first established Swiss Watch brand to move online, to embrace augmented reality and to set up a Kickstarter for a COSC certified chronometer.
“Formex TryOn” App that uses augmented reality with your smartphone to project a watch on your wrist to give you a real-life look, feel and size of their timepieces.
Transparency in all they do as Formex are open and honest in their manufacturing and sales with everything clearly laid out on their award winning website - there are no hidden extras, costs or surprises.
Swiss made, enough said.
Formex pass all savings from not having any retailer margins on to their customers and create high value, quality watches at much better prices.
The impressive Essence timepiece is being launched via Kickstarter on September 25th, 2018 at a price that offers incredible value for the watch you’re getting. Prices start at US$ 680 which is 40% off the future retail price and includes free worldwide shipping. Early Bird Specials are available now.
Raphael Granito, Formex CEO said, “We wanted to create the most accessible chronometer on the market and with the Essence I think we have achieved that. We are so excited to be launching on Kickstarter as it lets us offer this hand finished timepiece at an incredible price.”
The Essence from Formex is great for those looking for their first serious watch as it includes all the bells and whistles usually associated with the big brands and their big price tags. With its launch on Kickstarter there has never been a better time to buy your first proper watch; the Essence Automatic Chronometer.
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