Signature K Facial At Karidis Clinic - A Review

I think my skin is still glowing from my Signature K facial at the Karidis Clinic, despite it being a couple of weeks ago.
I work hard to take care of my skin, adapting my regime to the seasons and investing in hard-working formulas that really make a difference. As a result, I’m pretty happy with it, but there are certain times of the year, particularly when the seasons change, that I could definitely do with some extra help.
The Karidis Clinic is based in the Hospital of St John and St Elizabeth in the affluent St Johns Wood area of London. Headed up by Mr Alex Karidis, one of the most well-renowned and respected plastic surgeons in the UK, the clinic offers a wealth of surgical and non-surgical procedures in expert medical facilities, with an emphasis on natural results in a warm and friendly environment. I had the pleasure of meeting several members of the team, including Mr Karidis himself, and immediately felt very welcomed and was impressed with the wealth of treatments on offer - a few of which have definitely been put on my wish list!
My facial was carried out by Bunmi Osoba the lead nurse. It commenced with a thorough analysis of my skin under a x lamp - always a slight sobering moment of truth! Despite my skin appearing to be fairly good. Bunmi revealed to me that I had extensive sun damage. I was fairly shocked, as I am fastidious at applying sunscreen all year round, and am careful to keep my face in the shade as often as possible. Thankfully, help is at hand - this time in the form of the Signature K Facial, which assists with photo-damaged skin, as well as pigmentation, acne scarring and rosacea.
The treatment took about an hour, and was not at all uncomfortable, despite not being the most relaxing of facials. It definitely felt like something was really happening to my skin, and I could feel the effects of the enzyme peel - and then the micro-needling immediately. I can really suffer with morning puffiness, and xx showed me how to do my own lymphatic drainage at home, and we discussed the benefits of micro-needling at home and how to do it. I am particularly excited about starting this on the back of my hands, which is an area that ages so quickly on so many of us.
Following the micro-needling my skin felt tight and definitely had a real tingle. Bunmi explained that this facial is great for premature raging and tackling fine lines and wrinkles, as it stimulates new collagen production. The treatment was finished with an application of the groundbreaking Deesse LED Light Therapy Mask, which based on research by none other than NASA, further boosts collagen production, is anti-inflammatory and calming post treatment, and even stimulates Vitamin D production.
I left the clinic with a slightly pink but glowing face, and by the time I had made it onto my train home, a quick check in the mirror reassured me that I looked ‘normal’ except for the fact that I had no foundation on at all and my face was the most radiant it had ever been! The effects kept improving over the next few days, and two weeks later my skin is definitely tighter and plumper.
The verdict? A highly effective treatment by expert hands with pioneering technology that delivers palpable results. The downside? Once you try it, you won’t be able to live without it. You have been warned!!!
The Signature K Facial costs £275. For more information please visit