The Rise Of The Stand Up Desk: Varidesk ProPlus™ 36

We have not evolved over millions of years to sit at a desk. In fact desks really only came in with writing, probably invented by the Sumerians over 3000 years ago. Now that may sound like a long time, but in evolutionary terms it is nothing, a blip.
With the advent of personal computing came longer hours spent staring at a screen with even less movement than before. We all know the concentration that computer work brings, hours can pass without moving.
This is not healthy and everyone gets back ache or neck ache eventually, much of it is due to a screen that’s simply poorly positioned or the wrong height. Standing mitigates a lot of the troubles, or even just varying from upright to sitting can help.
Good exercise is important too, I cycle around 80 miles a week just to keep fit and have had no back problems since I started four years ago. However as we work longer and longer hours, up to ten a day, a stand up desk can really make a huge difference in posture, comfort and fitness.
The Varidesk ProPlus™ 36 came delivered in a very impressive box. The corrugated cardboard had beed cleverly designed to protect the desk from all angles, including the corners and edges. Now this may not sound like much, but it’s a good indication of the approach of the company. If they care how well it arrives at your doorstep, then they probably care about the build quality too. In fact it was a breeze to unpack, unfolding very simply, and came fully assembled. It takes a bit of heavy lifting, ask a friend and you just plop it on your workspace, that’s it, done and ready to go.
The Varidesk ProPlus™ 36 is an impressive size, but fitted surprising well and with a much smaller footprint than first envisaged on my boardroom desk. I ordered the 36 inch as I thought that was big enough and it was just right, still leaving 3/4 of my desk free. One surprising advantage was that I now had three levels instead of two to work with.
The 50 inch screen I use fitted well on the top tier, with two outcrops that now hold occasional paperwork. The second tier takes my keyboard and mouse. Plus more papers and pens at the side. And the desk underneath contains whatever I am working on next. It provides a convenient order of work, while giving me much more space. The levels contour around you creating a sci fi work space that looks very modern.
It is fully adjustable with two sturdy grips either side that change the height, spring loaded so little effort required. I went with white to keep more light, as the black would have been more imposing. The build is solid and well engineered, so as  to take as little room as possible.
I can now stand, sit high or low during the day and vary according to my mood. It’s pretty excellent and a definite boost in fitness and comfort. Like electric cars, stand up desks will soon be the norm, sitting hunched over a desk will be rightly regarded as unhealthy.
The Varidesk ProPlus™ comes in 30, 36 and 40 inch sizes, priced £275, £365, and £425 in that order.