Renewed Calls For Completion Of Leveson Inquiry After Hugh Grant Settles Case Against Mirror Group

Renewed calls for completion of Leveson Inquiry made after Hugh Grant and former police officer and Crimewatch presenter Jacqui Hames appear at Court to hear newspapers settle their hacking claims.
    •    Trinity Mirror admits corporate failures in Grant case as it seeks to buy Express Group
    •    Rebekah Brooks implicated in Hames' case against News of the World
News UK admits hacking and intrusive surveillance of Ms Hames and her police officer husband while they were investigating a murder in which News of The World private investigators (Southern Investigations) were implicated.
Mirror Group admits hacking of Hugh Grant, that the truth was actively concealed for ten years and that Trinity Mirror itself failed to properly investigate the allegations
Ms Hames and Mr Grant will be in court to hear the readings of their statements which have been agreed by News UK and Trinity Mirror respectively
·         10.00 am – Both joint statements in open court read out  ** followed by **
·         10.30 am - Statements from Jacqui Hames and Hacked Off outside Court
    1    Jacqui Hames claim against News Group Newspapers was for voicemail hacking and intrusive surveillance in 2002 under Rebekah Brooks’ editorship and has now been admitted by the company. A joint statement will be read in open court.
    2    Hugh Grant’s claim against Trinity Mirror Group for voicemail interception (phone hacking) has been settled by TMG for a six-figure sum.  A joint statement will be read in open court. TMG concede that there was a long-standing cover-up of extensive and long-lasting hacking and other unlawful intrusions.
    3    Ms Hames will be joined by Alastair Morgan, the brother of Daniel, whose 1987 axe-murder Ms Hames’s husband was investigating at the time of the News of the World’s hacking and surveillance, which was during the editorship of Rebekah Brooks, now CEO of News UK. She will set out:
    a    the extent of News Groups Newspapers unlawful activities against her as far as it is known
    b    how Ms Brooks when confronted by the police at the time about the surveillance claimed that her newspaper was investigating allegations of an affair between Ms Hames and Mr Cook, even though Mr Cook was her husband of many years and they had children together
    c    how she believes that the newspaper surveilled her family and hacked their phones to intimidate them during the murder inquiry or to fund out details of the investigation
    d    how these allegations are central to the matters to be determined at the second part of the Leveson Inquiry
    4    Mr Grant will be at Court to hear his statement. In respect of the statement in Mr Grant’s case a representative of Hacked Off will:
    a    Name and condemn the editors of the Mirror titles over the time the extensive hacking of his voicemails occurred, and the executives who he says covered it up for so long.
    b    Point to the countless poorly-resourced individuals, who are not well known, who were also subject to illegal or unethical press conduct and who need law reforms to be able to take on the big newspaper groups.
    c    Demand the Leveson Inquiry is completed and looks into whether there was perjury by Mirror Group at the 1st part of the Inquiry.
    d    Set out why he believes that Trinity Mirror is not fit to own any more of the UK’s national newspapers until the full truth is established.
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