The New Ollivier Saveo Butterfly Swiss Watch

The Ollivier Saveo Butterfly watch was inspired by the vision of a butterfly posed on a cherry blossom. The watch maker Ollivier Savelli’s aim was to transport the observer to a beautiful garden through these two symbols of ephemeral elegance, the Radiant Swallowtail and the Cherry Blossom tree.
The award winning watchmaker Ollivier Savelli studied over thirty different butterflies before selecting the most spectacular to immortalise in this unique and fascinating watch. The “Papilio Lorquinianus”, also known as Sea Green Swallowtail butterfly, is found in Indonesia, Java, Borneo and Sumatra. It is normally metallic black and aquamarine but transforms into a rainbow of colours when the light bounces off its wings as they flutter gently in a breeze.
The multi coloured pigments in the wings are represented by crimped multi hued sapphires, diamonds and other precious stones. A filigree of the finest gold delicately holds the precious gems, designed to evoke the scintillating gossamer wings, accentuating their graceful and intricate beauty. Ollivier uses 18 Karat 4N Rose gold to better highlight the colours of the jewels. Rubies are used for the cherry blossoms contrasting brilliantly with the Swallowtails’ wings. The minimalist watch face is inlaid with mother of pearl, suggesting a glimmering pool at the base of the tree.
The design of the Ollivier Saveo watch case is the result of years of research. Each watch is a three dimensional panorama, displaying the interior from all angles. The sapphire glass case has been developed to allow natural light to shine from all angles on the watch mechanism. The curves in the glass avoid distortion yet retain an incredible degree of luminosity and transparency.
The watch is effectively a museum display for the jewellery and moving parts of the watch. It took Ollivier many decades to perfect all the diverse skills required. A luxury fusion of the finest watch making, jewellery craftsmanship and mechanical engineering, brought together in one remarkable wrist watch.
The Ollivier Saveo Butterfly watch is reminiscent of the animatronic marvels of the Ottoman Empire, Victorian clockwork jewellery and the intricate automata of the celebrated Faberge Eggs. The aerial butterfly sits in a cherry tree of gems, its branches flowing around the watch face, sapphires floating in molten gold. The gold tree is made using traditional jewellery methods and then finished to watch making standards by machining it to 300th of a mm into its position, known as “Encageage”!
The tree is inserted into the glass frame by hand and crimps are placed to support the structure, then the entire piece is reworked in situ, increasing the relief of the gold branches, polishing and finishing. Then the butterfly is carefully fixed to the tree to maximise the composition and balance within the transparent case. This unique work of art takes two months to complete not including the design and research. It uses a fine Swiss Quartz movement and is also available with a Swiss mechanical movement according to the client's preference.
Ollivier Saveo watches are unique works of art worn on the wrist, that combine the finest Swiss horology, jewellery and sculpture to create exclusive limited edition watches that are a joy to wear and admire. Ollivier specialises in bespoke watches made to order and works closely with clients to realise their dream watch.
Ollivier Saveo Butterfly Watch:
Swiss quartz movement, ETA 280
Hours, Minutes
Pink gold 18ct, average weight 49g
Pink gold 18ct, average weight 37g
Hand engraved with 49 sapphires (1.11 ct)
4 brilliants TW/VS1 (0.045 ct)
44×41 mm
Water Resistance:
Watch Crystal:
Special cut antireflective sapphire
Louisiana Alligator (30mm Special Cut) Blue
Other models on request
External screws:
316 L Steel with PVD coating, pink gold 18ct
Double folding clasp, pink gold 18ct, average weight 15g
Limited Edition:
Unique piece
Total Pink Gold: 1 ct
Average weight: 101g
Total gemstones:
44 stones, 1.15 ct
Optional version:
Crimped case: 50 dts TW/ VS, 0.91 ct
Price: 58,500 CHF