The Macallan Estate - An Extremely Special New Single Malt

The Macallan has unveiled Estate, an extremely special new single malt, distilled with barley grown at Easter Elchies estate, the iconic home of the world-famous whisky, and is distilled just once a year over the course of a single week.
The 485-acre Easter Elchies estate is set within the legendary Speyside region of Scotland, described as a place of timeless natural beauty, and a place that The Macallan is proud to call home, where they have been creating extraordinary single malts since 1824.
The Macallan has a reputation for the extraordinary, characterised by the exceptional oak casks. These casks are sourced, crafted, toasted and seasoned under the watchful eye of the Master of Wood, the hand-picked casks are delivered to the demanding specifications of the Whisky Mastery Team. It is the oak that makes the greatest contribution to the quality, natural colour and distinctive aromas and flavours at the heart of this single malt whisky.
Once filled, the maturing spirit remains undisturbed in the same casks for the necessary number of years it needs to be worthy of its destined Macallan expression. It is these oak casks that make the greatest contribution to the quality, natural colour and distinctive aromas and flavours which lie at the heart of The Macallan single malt.
Estate is a rich and complex whisky with a remarkably long finish, created by Whisky Makers to celebrate the single malt’s peerless provenance and heritage.
Estate has a chestnut hue and radiates a warm, comforting and homely notes of cinnamon.
Wood spice and orange oil opens into dried fruits with sweet lemon, banana and caramel,
On the palate Estate is Soft and warming with wood spice, opening into a dry oak, moving into a sweet fresh orange and delicate fresh citrus.
The Macallan Estate is presented in an elegant gift box featuring landscape-inspired designs that reflect the natural stones found on the estate, with an inlay of slate.
The inside of the box is adorned with aerial photography, showcasing the estate’s impressive barley fields on the banks of the beautiful River Spey.
Priced at £195, Estate is available to buy from selected whisky specialists.