Insiders View Of The Brando Tetiaroa Private Island

Insiders View Of The Brando Tetiaroa Private Island
Kung Hei Fat Choy, Happy Chinese New Year! French Polynesia is a multicultural area, with a large Asian community, and the Chinese New Year is always quite an event here. We have had the pleasure to organize a special themed night at the Beachcomber Café to celebrate the new year.
The fine dining restaurant, Les Mutinés by Guy Martin, has also recently renewed its menu (discover the menu) along with a new vegan menu designed by Chef Kelvin Au-Ieong. February will mark the arrival of a brand new menu for the Beachcomber Café and the in-villa service. Our entire restaurant team is delighted to offer our guests new outstanding culinary experiences!
The Brando was awarded a Silver Travvy in the 2017 Travvy Awards, in the "Best Honeymoon Hotel/Resort" category for the Australia, New Zealand and South Pacific area. The Travvys recognize the top suppliers, destinations, technology providers and attractions, as selected by those who know them best—travel agents. The Brando has also been nominated as the "Top Luxury Hotel Worldwide" and "Top Luxury Beach Hotel" in the Luxury Travel Advisor Awards.
New addition to the air fleet!
A new plane has arrived at Air Tetiaroa! The fleet now counts a new Twin Otter, with 12 seats and more space available for our guests' luggage. This makes a great and useful addition to the current fleet, allowing us to transport more guests to and from the resort!
Private events
We usually don't mention private events happening at the resort, yet we had a remarkable celebration last week in The Brando's staff big family. We have had the great pleasure to welcome the engagement celebration of two of our dedicated staff members: Max from the concierge department, and Laura from the spa. This all-white event was a night to remember, an emotional ceremony highlighting the extraordinary sense of family uniting the people who make The Brando such a touching and genuine experience. A big and heartfelt thank you to the lovely soon-to-be-married couple, for celebrating this event of a lifetime on Tetiaroa and making it a new milestone for the staff village! We wish you all our very best wishes for a lovely wedding ahead!
Ultimate Tour
There are many activities included in your stay with the all-inclusive formula, and many ways to discover the lagoon. The Ultimate Tour is our most popular and is the most complete lagoon tour covering all the atoll's motus (islets). Other favorites are snorkeling and the bird watching tour. You can also opt for a private tour (more information with our concierge service), including the Private Kayak Exploration, a two-hour tour of motu Auroa! The guides from the Tetiaroa Society will show you one of the most exclusive and untouched places on earth, an outstanding place to observe native bird species, fish, baby sharks and stingrays! And if kayaking isn't your thing, you can also go discover the lagoon with a stand up paddle, a windsurf, or on a traditional pirogue with sail.
The United Nations 70th General Assembly has designated 2017 as the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development. This is a unique opportunity to raise awareness on the contribution of sustainable tourism to development among public and private sector decision-makers and the public, while mobilizing all stakeholders to work together in making tourism a catalyst for positive change. Join in the movement and make 2017 the milestone of your new travel habits!
"With more than one billion international tourists now traveling the world each year, tourism has become a powerful and transformative force that is making a genuine difference in the lives of millions of people. The potential of tourism for sustainable development is considerable.  As one of the world’s leading employment sectors, tourism provides important livelihood opportunities, helping to alleviate poverty and drive inclusive development."  United Nations Secretary-General, Banki-moon; World Tourism Day Message, 2015
Bird Island
Bird Island on Tetiaroa is an important and fragile nesting site for many of the seabirds in the region. It is also a great place to see these seabirds all in one place. Tetiaroa Society takes The Brando's guests here a few times a week for interpretive tours, but local charter companies bring visitors here almost every day and weekends are very busy. It has been hard to keep visitors from walking on the beaches and disturbing the birds, until we came up with a very simple idea. Put wooden stakes along the shore, 50 meters apart and 20 meters off the beach, and tell the charter boat guides to instruct their guests to stay outside of them. This simple and unobtrusive visual cue seems to have worked very well. Visitors are following the path, and in just over a month, the birds have figured this out and sit comfortably while having their picture taken from just outside of the stake.
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