Iceland - The Home Of Imagination: Tower Suites Hotel Reykjavíc

It’s 6pm. Two sleepy pairs of legs are heading to the 20th floor of a building in the centre of Reykjavíc. We walk into an empty foyer surprisingly devoid of the hurry-home hussle of workers sharing the tower. I notice, happily, that Icelanders are rather good at clocking-off on time. The lift pings our arrival and we’re greeted by Anni, our warm and welcoming Tower Suites concierge who shows us to our room – one of 8 suites.
The door swings heavily on its hinges and, as we hoist our suitcases inside, our legs suddenly rediscover their bounce. This is an absolute treat of a suite. Firstly, elegantly poised in the corner of the room, a telescope! A room befitting a telescope is a fine room indeed. But our eyes alone were enough to feast on the finery flaunting itself beneath us. The view from floor to ceiling wrap-around windows was utterly spectacular. The sea the colour of Queen Jadis’ nail polish, the sun brushing its last strokes of daylight onto the mountains beyond, Reykjavík rolled out like a red carpet in front, anticipating admiration.
For now, our admiration was torn between the view, and inside our new home. The open-plan living space was furnished with class and calm composure, with everything custom-made, handmade or locally sourced. It was spacious, yet cosy, a high table and stools dividing the room, a star-fishing-friendly bed with its petal-soft sheets and an uninterrupted view of the city stage. For those of you wanting to pause putting on your hiking boots and instead enjoy Reykjavíc from this privileged viewpoint, there’s a large lounge area in the rooms – alternatively, head to the bathroom (with its stand-alone bath) where the vista-theme continues. I defy any hot bubble bath fan to be disappointed!
Breakfast at Tower Suites is enjoyed in its small dining and sitting room area. (Note, this can be a good spot to watch the Northern Lights if you’re lucky. Alas, we missed them here. As my mum usefully pointed out, “It would have helped if you’d looked north!”). The buffet has plenty of choice, and while it isn’t abundant, there’s certainly all you’ll need to set you up for the day ahead. The area doubles up as a bar later in the day, yet there’s no staff - instead an honesty bar means you may have the room, and the view, entirely to yourself.
The staff here are more than happy to spend time chatting through their recommendations on what to see, what to do and where to eat. There really is so much going on in Iceland, and with visitors often only staying for a few days, it can be impossible to squeeze everything you want into your weekend suitcase of memories. If there is scope for a more extended trip, then I hugely recommend it.
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