A Fashion Editors Wish List - All I Want For Christmas

Being a die-hard shopper with a sharp eye and super-stamina means that when I'm asked what I would like for Christmas, I can very easily provide a list I have been refining almost all year as I am always discovering amazing and lovely new things. In case you are lacking a little inspiration this year, I have done all the hard work for you and put together a curated selection of the top 10 items on my personal wish list:
Diptique Limited Edition Advent Calendar http://bit.ly/2kdznva
Ok I know I’m starting early, but I’ve been umming and aahing about the various beauty advent calendars out there, and although there are lots of lovely ones to tempt me - Charlotte Tilbury and Cowshed being a couple of my particular favourites - you always end up with a few duff products that you won’t use. I can safely say that this just wouldn’t happen with this lovely calendar from French perfume house Diptique. A firm favourite in every stylish household, their candles not only look the part but smell absolutely divine. Their latest constellation range, which has dropped just in time for Christmas are particularly stunning, and I happen to have my eye on the Frosted Forest one for my hallway. The calendar includes fragrance miniatures, skincare products, several travel sized candles and one full size candle, the exact contents have been a closely guarded secret soon to be revealed. It is guaranteed to put a smile on your face and a beautiful scent into every single day in December. The only bad news here is that it is limited edition, and has sold out almost everywhere - which only makes it even more covetable in my book - but at the time of writing there is one available on Amazon and several on Ebay. They may even drop in price as we start the month - happy hunting and good luck!
Smythson Portobello Desk Diary With Clasp http://bit.ly/2kdTsl7
What is it about stationary?! This is somewhat a tradition with my husband, and every year I look forward to unwrapping my brand new Smythson diary and transferring all my notes, to get organised for the year ahead. The Portobello model is huge - about the same size as my laptop - with at least half of the pages being devoted to a notes section at the back. Although this adds considerable weight and bulk to my handbag, I find it invaluable for planning out all my shoots and keeping track of my clients requirements which takes a huge amount of organisation. In my opinion if you are going to use something on a daily basis, (actually, carry your life around in it), it might as well be beautiful too and Smythson never disappoint, with the fine blue gilt edged paper, the tactile crocodile print calf leather and the sturdy enamelled clasp. It turns even the most mundane of admin chores into a pleasure.
Adidas Superstars Foundation Shoes http://bit.ly/2njSLIa
I spend so much of my life in trainers. Whether I’m working on set or rushing around London to appointments, I have to be comfortable, so my heels are relegated to evenings and special occasions only. I have a selection of funky trainers from Ash, Golden Goose Deluxe Brand, Isabel Marant, etc but my favourites that I come back to time and time again are my trusty Adidas Superstars. They are the comfiest ever, and I love the way the flash of bright white adds the cool-factor to every outfit. Whether it’s a maxi dress or a pair of jeans, I honestly can’t think of anything I wouldn’t wear them with. My existing pair are pretty much worn out and have been through the washing machine one too many times. I would be very happy to unwrap a new pair on Christmas morning - I’d probably end up wearing them too.
Golden Goose Deluxe Brand Clara Boots - Gold http://bit.ly/2BzKfI7
Cowboy boots are back and I’m delighted! They are super-comfy, versatile and miraculously make my short legs look great. I have been a huge fan of the ultra-cool Golden Goose trainers for years and cannot wait to get my hands on a pair of these boots. I love the detail of the silver and gold on them, metallics are a neutral colour so you don’t need to worry about which clothes they look good with.
Gucci Bow-Embellished Metallic Textured Leather Gloves http://bit.ly/2ALO3sz
Why have boring old brown or black leather gloves when you can have Gucci gold gloves with pretty little black bows on. Duh! It’s an absolute no-brainer! Seriously though, I am drooling. Being metallic again they are of course a neutral and will go with everything, making the cost per wear just pennies….I’m really hoping my husband is reading this.
Vicki Sarge Earrings https://vickisarge.com/
I borrowed some recently to style a celebrity, and was reminded of just how stunning and individual the Vicki Sarge pieces are. I have always been a statement earrings kinda gal, and I think you can safely say that Vicki’s lovely little store in Belgravia is luxury costume jewellery nirvana. The detail, workmanship and colour combinations are just stunning. Loved by celebrities and Vogue magazine, this is the place to shop if you want your outfit to really make an impact.
Trinny London Makeup www.trinnylondon.com
I have long been a huge fan of Trinny Woodall’s work and would love to meet her one day, as it was Trinny in her early years on television who first inspired me to explore a career in styling. Trinny is endearingly honest, hilariously whacky and infinitely glamorous with endless energy - a real role model to us ladies in so many ways. She has put her heart and soul into her new makeup range and I am just itching to try it. The cream-based range is in very wearable colours, that are matched to you online using her unique match-to-me system - and the stroke of genius? Everything comes in stackable pots, and has no need for brushes or applicators so you build your own ‘stack’ based on what you need, keep it in your handbag and you’re good to go. I love it!
B&O Play Portable Bluetooth Speaker http://bit.ly/2AL4Lbo
Ok, I am choosing this over others because it looks pretty, but things like that are important to me or I wouldn't be a very good stylist. It’s very simple, all good fashion shoots need good music - I would like something beautiful to connect to my iPhone to play it on, that packs enough of a punch for everybody to get the vibe.
Tim Walker ‘Pictures’ Coffee Table Book http://amzn.to/2j6fMK1
One of my photography idols, I simply adore Tim Walker’s work and find it so inspiring. It is a dream of mine to one day work with him - I will make it happen. In the meantime I can sit and gaze at the breathtaking images in this gorgeous book. I defy you not to love this, fashionista or not.
Cream Double G Gucci belt http://on.gucci.com/2AL5XLU
Yes I know….. two lots of Gucci on my list…. but I have been a die-hard fan of the fashion power-house ever since Alessandro Michele took the helm and cast his magic spell. This lovely little number would fit very well into my wardrobe and get a lot of wear. The cream colour is perfect for my colour palette, as is the brass clasp. I can see this at the waist of most of my trousers, it would look fabulous cinched over a dress or two too!
So there we have it, with any luck my nearest and dearest will have read this article and have taken note….. I’ll let you know! If you struggle even more with present buying at Christmas and are stumped at what to buy for the special ones in your life I’ll be back next week revealing what I have bought this year for my family and friends - no peeking!
Happy Shopping!