Emsworth Polo Grounds Are Extremely Sporting

An exclusive invitation to play; beginners beware – you may get hooked.
Polo is probably the most glamorous sport in the social calendar. Think how cool Steve McQueen was in the ‘Thomas Crowne Affair’ and the sex appeal Jilly Cooper brought to her Polo novels, putting the dash into the country set.
Set in 72 acres of beautiful countryside, Emsworth Polo Grounds is a stone throw from Windsor and just 40 minutes from central London. Home to Four Quarters Polo, Emsworth’s outstanding facilities provide an authentic introduction to the sport and an opportunity to see behind the scenes of a successful polo organisation.
Emsworth’s appeal lies in the quality and scope of their facilities, in addition to the privacy offered to guests. The grounds are an ideal venue for a range of activities from corporate hospitality, to private celebrations all of which can include a variety of opportunities for guests, their most popular being the ‘learn to play polo’ experience.
While there are many amazing clubs throughout the UK offering spectacular polo events, Emsworth differ from the norm in that they are a family owned, private hire venue. Ultimately this is an invitation to relax in luxury surroundings, enjoy the wonderful location and, most importantly, get to grips with this exhilarating game, meeting those who play and have a passion for polo.
Polo is thought to be the oldest ball sport and possibly the oldest team sport in the world, with a tournament recorded back in 600BC. It has been played in the UK since the mid-19th century, quickly becoming established as a favoured pastime of the rich and sport of princes, if not kings. Today, Berkshire is considered the heart of British polo.
Emsworth’s unique ‘Learn to Play’ experience is available year-round and is suitable for team building as well as individuals. They provide a hugely enjoyable introduction to the sport, a real hands-on experience, with fully accredited instructors who provide the skills and confidence to enable anyone to compete in a polo match, schooling you in the three fundamentals: riding, hitting and rules. Their team consists of professionals who have played at the highest levels, bringing not only a wealth of knowledge, but also some interesting tales to boot. Even those without any riding experience, can enjoy Polo’s exhilarating thrills.
Their aim is to give people an opportunity to come and really see what this wonderful sport, and those who play it, are all about. Polo delivers huge excitement and thrills, but it also a very sociable activity… An invitation to Emsworth is not unlike an invitation to come hang out with friends.
Images by Marcos Cerdeirawww.emsworthpologrounds.com