Best Tech Gadgets Galore Christmas 2019

Blink XT2 One Camera System
With the Blink XT2, you can now protect your entire home, inside and out, with customisable motion detection, night vision and live-view recording plus two-way audio, and extended battery life.
GilletteLabs Heated Razor
This 100% waterproof razor features a stainless steel warming bar, adjustable temperature settings, a wireless docking station, and advanced blades for an incredibly close and comfortable shave.
Motiv Smart Ring
A sleek, subtle design delivering smart functionality, Motiv Ring delivers tons of features in a small form with elegant, simple design with comprehensive fitness tracking, and new online security features.
Oculus Quest VR Headset – 128 GB
Oculus Quest is the all-in-one gaming system built for virtual reality. You can now play almost anywhere with just a VR headset and controllers.
Swagboard T6 Off Road Hoverboard
The T6 off road hover board has a 12-mile range, can do 12 mph and go up steep inclines with ease. The fastest and most powerful of hover boards made for fun.
The Leica Q Silver Camera
The Leica Q full frame camera is now available in silver. Leica cameras cost a little more, but the craftsmanship that goes into the build and the incredible quality of the super fast lens makes all the difference. Perfect for street, architectural and landscape photography.