Best Cognac: Gautier Cognac Extra 1755

Gautier Cognac is regarded by the French as one of the very best in France and therefore the world. The Gautier Extra 1755 is quite magnificent and well worth the price tag.
The Gautier Cognac story begins in the 16th century, but it was officially founded in 1755 when the family obtained a Royal Warrant to produce Cognac and a founding charter signed by the king Louis XV.  The cellars were installed in a former watermill in Aigre on the Osme river, nicknamed the "Little Venice" of Charente.  The Gautier family gained fame in the 16th century when they made casks using wood from the Tronçais forest, famous for the quality of its oaks.
In 1644 Charles Gautier married Jacquette Brochet, a wine-maker's daughter. From 1700 their grandson, Louis Gautier, developed the trade in Cognac. He helped expand the market and contributed to the considerable growth of Maison Gautier. In 1755, the family obtained a Royal Warrant to produce Cognac and a founding charter signed by the King Louis XV. Maison Gautier was born, and the winery was installed in the former watermill in Aigre. The heirs of Maison Gautier succeeded each other in turn over 10 generations, developing and building the family business.
Gautier Cognac has won a lot of accolades, including ‘Best Cognac’ at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in 2018 for the Gautier Extra 1755, as well as:
    •    A Double Gold in “Best Cognac” and “Best in Class Brandy” (meaning it has been recognised as the best within the whole Brandy category including Cognac, Armagnac, Calvados and other Brandies) for Gautier Extra 1755
    •    Double Gold and “Best VSOP” award for Gautier VSOP
    •    Double Gold medal for Gautier Pinar Del Rio
    •    Double Gold for Gautier Tradition Rare
    •    Silver Medal for Gautier XO
    •    Silver Medal for Gautier VS
The Gautier Cognac Extra 1755 is a beautifully balanced and rounded cognac with chocolate and vanilla notes on first taste, then shifting to a more complex aroma of spices with a light floral essence. The body is smooth, generous and long lasting and it hits the perfect note with a light woody finish.
Gautier Cognac Extra 1755: £100