Babylonstoren Wine: Summer In A Glass

Let’s face it, most Rosé wine cannot be made for people’s pleasure.  It is a surprise if it is well made which is a good starting point but character rarely features.  No wonder some people say they do not like wine.  They should be saying that they do not like badly made wine which so frequently can be applied to Rosé.  We visited a major winery in Sancerre and were shown around by a rather arrogant young member of the family who explained where the grapes were grown for each of their wines.  When it came to Rosé, he was very dismissive and said they were grown on their north facing slopes.
There is hope, in the past we have had good Rosés from Slovenia, Provence, Rioja and most recently South Africa.  Our mantra on South African white wines is that they need a bit of aging to get the best out of them.  However, our tasting of Babylonstoren’s latest Rosé at only six month’s old means we have to review and qualify our oft repeated opinion.  The colour was deceptively light, but the wine was not only well made from Mouvèdre grapes, it had depth of character whilst retaining a delicacy in flavour.
Rosés and summer go hand in hand and this delicious salmon pink wine with its aromas of strawberry and summer fruits is perfect for more the delicate dishes at barbecues or with platters of charcuterie.  It would also be delicious with pasta dishes and summer salads.  Serve it as an aperitif with fresh summer inspired canapes, with summer pudding or fresh raspberry tarts.
Their pricing is interesting as they need to establish and grow their reputation in the UK without the budgets and wide distribution of the big names.  To overcome the natural reluctance of committing to a case before tasting, they include delivery even for single bottles.   At £16 the price is similar to good Sancerre Rosé but without the surcharge for delivery on the latter.  
Canapé suggestions:
Crushed pea and broad bean bruschettas                                                                                                     
Tartlets with goat’s cheese and chilli relish                                                                                                           
Smoked salmon parcels