Advanced Hypnosis London - A Review

Hypnotherapy has moved on in leaps and bounds since the days of chaise-longues and swinging watches.
I found out about Rory M-J at Advanced Hypnosis London after two close friends attended his stop smoking clinic with resounding success. This was particularly impressive as both friends were probably the most stubborn and cynical people I know (they won’t mind me writing this) and both had previously attempted hypnosis to beat the habit to no avail. Additionally, neither actually wanted to quit the smokes, but attended following pressure from loved ones - and it still worked - this in my eyes is quite the recommendation!
Rory M-J first experimented with hypnosis as a teenager, his interest piqued after seeing it on TV. Later in life, whilst working as a coach in personal development it occurred to him that he could help clients change their habits far more rapidly by working at the subconscious level, and has found that his particular style of hypnosis as a form of deeper level suggestion, is a highly effective way of achieving this.
Based on Harley Street and with a reputation for getting results, Rory M-J attracts a large number of VIP, high and ultra-high net worth clients from around the world. Previous X Factor winner and recording artist Matt Cardle is a former client and Rory M-J recently helped the British Heavyweight Boxing Champion Hughie Fury win his title using hypnosis for sports performance.
A large proportion of the work is smoking cessation (Rory M-J also runs the Harley Street Stop Smoking Clinic). The reason for this is a personal one; “My mother developed oral cancer after a lifetime of smoking, so I get a great deal of job satisfaction helping people break this harmful habit”. Rory helps people across many areas, from overcoming a range of bad habits to phobias, boosting confidence and even to supplement his performance coaching work with executives.
I decided to trial the flagship ‘Hypnosis for Wellbeing’ VIP programme, designed to “explore the powerful benefits of hypnotherapy for tuning up the subconscious mind, clearing out negativity, programming in positivity, and establishing a solid foundation mindset for success and happiness.” Sound too good to be true? I certainly didn’t have anything to lose so travelled to the clinic at 1 Harley Street for several sessions on a quest for self-improvement.
Rory instantly put me at ease, and was incredibly empathetic as we addressed a range of areas as the sessions progressed, including procrastination (a particular challenge of mine), improving confidence and self-esteem (who wouldn’t want to), reducing sugar cravings (yes please shouts my waistline), releasing emotional baggage (yes please shouts my husband) and a healthier relationship with food (a challenge for most women, let alone one working in the fashion industry).
Each 2 hour session consisted of 90 minutes of coaching, followed by 25 minutes of hypnosis. The traditional chaise-longue had been replaced with a ‘Neurosphere Pod’ that wouldn’t have looked out of place on a Star Trek set. Once laid down, I was completely enclosed, giving me a sense of total privacy which definitely helped me to relax. Rory described it as a tool to “create a more immersive experience, conducive to achieving the required hypnotic state”.
After each session I received a follow up email with further action points and a downloadable link to a self-hypnosis audio to use at home to top-up. The secret to longterm success with this programme is of course ensuring it is sustainable - and I have definitely used the self-hypnosis audios a lot over the past few weeks, whenever I feel my new good habits waining.
A particular concept introduced by Rory M-J that has really stayed with me - and I hope will continue to - is the concept of play (or lack of it) in most adult lives. He explained that there are 3 elements that are important to balance which are work, leisure - and play. The difference between leisure and play is that leisure can be anything you are doing while you are not working, such as going to the gym or shopping that you don’t necessarily enjoy, whereas play is something that you love, is totally absorbing and thoroughly enjoyable, enabling you to switch off and relax.
After pondering this, I realised that although loving my work and having an active social life I did not have enough ‘playtime’ in my life. Rory M-J, who had written a book ‘The Play Paradigm’ on this subject, believes that if we are lacking in play, we then are more likely to adopt bad habits such as eating unhealthy food, smoking etc to ‘treat’ ourself as a replacement. This makes utter sense, and on his advice I have now diarised more time for doing some of my favourite things and definitely feel more fulfilled - and less likely to indulge.
The verdict? It works! Although I didn’t have any particular issues I wanted to address through hypnosis, I certainly feel that my life is far more together as a result of the wellbeing programme: I definitely tend to crave healthier, cleaner food and exercise, using the home audio to get back on track when needed; I am far more efficient following the procrastination session; speak my mind without as much hesitation following the confidence session and when something gets under my skin, I have found that listening to the emotional baggage audio helps me to switch my focus back to what is important.
His impressive client base is a testament to Rory M-J’s work, and I will be happily recommending his services to my styling clients.
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